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    Welcome to the Inner Well

    A World of Wellness for You to Dip Into

    We each have our own inner well.
    We may not know the depth of our well until we discover our inner wealth.

    heart drop into water

    By discovering our inner wealth we can become our best SELf.

    The Inner Well is a place designed for you to visit and access its resources. It is as much for our students as it is for the adults in their life.

  • Middle

    Middle school resources


  • High School

    High School Resources

  • SPF Students...Do you need help? Please don't wait. Let's get you started on the road to wellness...

    If you would like to reach out to receive assistance for your student we recommend making your primary contact as follows:

    • High School and Middle School: Your child’s school counselor (this information can be found on your school’s website).
    • Elementary School: Student Assistance Specialists are providing support to elementary schools per the following list.

    Our Student Assistance Coordinator is Liz Knodel-Gordon, egordon@spfk12.org who is available to help from grades PreK through 12 (not sure that's true)


    Trevor Project Image   Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    www.trevorproject.org   Suicide Prevention Lifeline


     Orrrr.... like this and have 2 layers.

    Crisis Text Line       2nd Floor Youth Helpine