Pomptonian Food Service Letterhead

    The safety and well-being of the students we serve is our highest priority. Students with a known food allergy will have a flag added to their account to alert the cashier at the time of service. Your school nurse will communicate this information with the cafeteria staff.


    As an allergy-aware kitchen, no product that includes peanut/ tree nut in the manufacturer’s list of ingredients will be used. Students with food allergies, other than tree nuts and peanut, are encouraged to pre-order a meal. As of March 1, 2018, it is no longer necessary for students with a peanut and/or tree nut allergy to pre-order their lunch.


    Please, be advised, Pomptonian staff prepares and cooks a wide variety of meals in the kitchens and does not have separate equipment for preparing meals for students with allergies. To minimize the chance of cross-contact, pre-ordered meals are prepared for students with allergies using ingredients that do not contain their known allergen in the manufacturer’s label. Contact the Food Service Direct, Steve Esposito, at (908)-889-7333 for additional information.