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Mr. Trey Shore

Hello! Welcome to 5th/6th grade Band with Mr. Trey Shore! 


More information can be found on the Band 5 and Band 6 Google Classroom pages.

For questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email (preferred) at, or on the phone at 908-322-5215 x 2054.

  • All students need the following for every class:

    1. Their instrument
    2. Their music and book
    3. A pencil
    4. A smile and a positive attitude! :)
  • Band 5/6 Lesson Schedule

    Week of 1/17/2022


    Virtual Students: Please log on to the Meet code TMSShoreLessons during your lesson time.

    In person students: Please report to the MPBR with your instrument (including masks, bell covers, and all accessories) and band folder during your lesson time. 


    Tuesday, 1/18

    Day 3

    Period 2—9:00-9:21 Trumpet 5c & 5d 5th grade trumpets from the Bowman, Moffitt, Schetelich, and Pierce classes

    Period 3—9:45-10:06 Drums 5a&5b 5th grade percussionists from the Ventricelli, Cagnassola, and Kipp/Salcedo classes

                      10:06-10:27 Drums 5c 5th grade drummer initials OK

    Period 4—10:30-10:51 Flute 5c & 5d 5th grade flutes from the Pierce, Schetelich, and Hebert classes

    Period 7—12:30-12:51 Drums 5d 5th grade drummers from the Pierce, Schetelich, Hebert, and Bowman classes

                      12:51-1:12 Flute 5a & 5b 5th grade flutists from the Cagnassola, DePaolo, Ventricelli, and Kipp/Salcedo classes

    Period 8—1:36-1:57 Trumpet 5a 5th grade trumpets from the Cagnassola and Kipp/Salcedo classes

    Period 9—2:21-2:42 Trumpet 5b 5th grade trumpets from the DePaolo and Ventricelli classes


    Wednesday, 1/19

    Day 4

    Period 1—8:10-8:57 Sax 6 all 6th grade saxophonists

    Period 3—9:45-10:27 Flute 6 all 6th grade flutists

    Period 4—10:30-11:12 MUSIC 6

    Period 6—11:45-12:27 Clarinet 6 all 6th grade clarinetists

    Period 8—1:15-1:57 BAND 6b


    Thursday, 1/20

    Day 5

    Period 2—9:00-9:42 Low Brass 6 all 6th grade trombonists and baritone players

    Period 4—10:30-11:12 MUSIC 6

    11:45-12:15 Band 5b Students from the Bowman, Hebert, Moffitt, Pierce, and Schetelich classes please report to the MPBR during recess

    Period 7—12:30-12:51 Bells 5a mallet percussion students from the Cagnassola and DePaolo classes

                      12:51-1:12 Bells 5b mallet percussionists from Mrs. Bowman’s class

    Period 8—1:15-1:57 BAND 6a

    Period 9—2:00-2:21 Bells 5c mallet percussionists from the Hebert, Moffitt, and Schetelich classes


    Friday, 1/21

    Day 6

    Period 2—9:00-9:42 Drums 6a 6th grade percussionists last names A-Ra

    Period 3—9:45-10:27 Drums 6b 6th grade percussionists last names Re-W

    Period 4—10:30-11:12 MUSIC 6

    Period 7—12:30-12:51 Low Brass 5 all 5th grade trombonists and baritone players

    Period 8—1:15-1:57 Bells 6 all 6th grade mallet percussionists

    Period 9—2:00-2:42 Trumpet 6 all 6th grade trumpet players