purple ribbon

                   SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD PTA

                   ANNUAL THINK PURPLE


                             March 21 - 27, 2021

    The meaning of the ribbon…..The purple ribbon is a symbol to remind all of us from Scotch Plains and Fanwood that drugs and alcohol hurt kids. 

    This simple ribbon symbolizes a commitment to our children, friends and neighbors that we care about each other. 


    Why is it called "Think Purple"? What significance does the color purple have?

    Think Purple Week dates back to 1987. It was modeled after the national "Hands Across America".   In 1987 all of the Scotch Plains and Fanwood school children, teachers,  school district employees,  town hall employees, Mayors, police, firemen, Religious Clergy,  shop owners, community merchants, parents and community members stood hand and hand at a designated time across the Communities of Scotch Plains and Fanwood. Church bells rang!

    Where there were busy streets and crosswalks children and community members held a purple ribbon to stay connected instead of standing in the busy street. 

    The reason why the color purple was chosen was because this first event took place in the spring and PTA with their limited funding chose the cheapest ribbon to purchase which at that time was purpleIt was purely financial. 

    "Think Purple" Week is an annual event in which the communities of Scotch Plains and Fanwood and the school district remember those individuals whose lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol. Purple ribbons and banners remind children and adults of the loss of potential and the many lives change or are hurt by drug and alcohol abuse. 

    Students in Scotch Plains-Fanwood public elementary schools decorate heart shaped cards with messages for high school seniors, asking them not to drink and drive, to avoid drugs, to stay healthy and make smart informed choices.

    Special assembly programs for elementary and middle schools remind students to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

    Throughout the district, students will receive purple items as reminders of the signficance of the purple and to make healthy choices.


    Copy this link and test your knowledge, take the Drug IQ Challenge.  Good luck!