• This Week in Kindergarten (February 24-28)

    In math this week, we will be using the "+" symbol to solve simple addition problems. We will also be reviewing shapes and their properties. In writing, we will continue to learn about and practice ways to make our writing easy for others (and ourselves!) to read. In science, we have finished with our study of wood. Before we move on to our next material (paper), we'll be turning to social studies to review problem solving skills and ways to be a good friend and classmate. In reading, we will begin our guided reading program. I will meet with your child's group once a week (maybe more, time permitting) to practice reading skills in smaller groups. Look for a bag of guided reading books in your chld's backpack this week. We will also be focusing more on power words in our guided reading groups. In Fundations, our letter/sounds/writing program, we have finished our first unit on writing all lowercase letters and connecting them with their sounds. Look for an explanation of this first unit and some ways you can practice skills at home in folders this week. 

    Please remember that weather permitting, we will continue to go outside to the playground each afternoon (and during lunch recess also!). Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and has sufficient winter clothing to keep him/her warm on cold days!